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The New York Doll Collection 2-1 Bassinet Doll Stroller For Ages: 4+

Reviews 4 Stars
21 Bassinet Doll Stroller For Ages

The New York Doll Collection

Package Quantity: 1

2-1 Bassinet Doll a great toy stroller from The New York Doll Collection is extremely cute. I really liked that the stroller had the feature of dimensions 21" length x 17" width x 25" height. Other features include things like color pink and black, holds any 18" doll, easy fold and go and large storage basket. The stroller is 25"H x 21"L x 17"W. To start off, remember that you may get a great gift for children without spending a lot, together with without sacrificing quality. If you're lucky, you'll discover the experience someone else's kid ran into with the item, click the weblink below.

9333 Features: -Easily converts from bassinet style carriage to regular stroller by removing the portable doll carry seat. -Fits dolls. -Easy fold and go. -Large storage basket. -For kids ages 4 and up. -Adjustable handle. Color/Finish: -Color: Pink and black.


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