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The New York Doll Collection 2-1 Doll Stroller With Car Seat

Reviews 4 Stars
21 Doll Stroller With Car Seat

The New York Doll Collection

Package Quantity: 1

2-1 Doll Stroller a great toy stroller from The New York Doll Collection is extremely cute. I really liked that the stroller had the feature of approx. dimensions 21" length x 14. 5" width x 26" height. Other features include things like fits up to 18" dolls, easy fold and go and color: pink. The stroller is 26"H x 21"L x 14.5"W. To start off, remember that you may get a great gift for children without spending a lot, together with without sacrificing quality. If you're lucky, you'll discover the experience someone else's kid ran into with the item, click the weblink below.

Now darling Dollie can come along anywhere! Transfering from the vehicle to the stroller is now easier than ever. Simply remove the carrier to utilize the stroller in typical position for another adventuring option.


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