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Jc Toys 8. 5 Lil' Cutesies Twins In Stroller (colors May Vary)

Reviews 4 Stars
8 5 Lil Cutesies Twins In Stroller

JC Toys

Package Quantity: 1

8. 5 Lil' Cutesies by Jc Toys is definitely cool. 0043657169829 is the bar code aka the International Article Number for this terrific item. A list of features are includes stroller, includes 2 dolls and all vinyl doll. The toy baby stroller dimensions are 8.5"H x 8.5"L x 3"W. Choosing a 8. 5 Lil' Cutesies . To learn more about this stroller, check out our store link on this page.

16982 Features: -Play doll. Includes: -Includes stroller. -All vinyl.


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